Image Consultant Mini Courses & Supplies

Franchise-Free Image Consultant Mini Courses & Colour Supplies

Franchise-free image consultant courses. Audiobooks to improve your colour analysis, personal style, colour psychology and style personality skills. Mini-courses for image consultants containing audio, videos, workbooks and homework. There's colour supplies too.

Step-by-Step Mini Courses

Fabulous Audiobooks
Created specifically for image consultants, 34 audiobooks to help you improve your colour analysis, personal style, colour psychology and style personality skills.
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Mini Courses
Mini-courses for image consultants containing an audio, video, and step-by-step workbook. Struggling to find new clients and make money from your business?
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Step-by-Step Masterclasses
A fresh new look at colour & style, seasonal and tonal colour analysis, analysing eye and hair colours, marketing, mindset, and the perfect consultation.
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Franchise-free Image Consultant Colour Supplies

Colour Analysis Supplies at Trade Prices
Colour Analysis Drape Sets
Starter drape sets and special everything-you-need drape sets for image consultants.
Mens Seasonal Wallets
These mens wallets are designed with precision dyed 28 colour fabric swatches for each Season presented in a discreet slim-line wallet designed to fit in the inside pocket of a suit jacket.
Seasonal & Tonal Capes
Seasonal and tonal colour analysis capes are ideal for quick analysis or quick visual display when working with groups. Easy to use and ideal for salons. 9 triangular colours per cape reaching from shoulder to shoulder.
18 Shade Safe Tonal Fabric Fans
18 precision dyed safe colours for each tonal direction presented in an elegant fan with suede effect cover discreet enough for your client to keep in her handbag
Colour Analysis Seasonal Wallets
30 precision dyed colour fabric swatches for your season presented on a 3-fold card with 3 columns of 10 colour fabric swatches in a waterfall effect.
Mini Seasonal Swatch Wallets
A wallet of seasonal colours secured with a brass screw and a protective plastic cover containing 30 fabric swatches for the seasonal pallette.
Professional Artist’s Colour Wheel
Large hand-held professional artists colour wheel, a guide to mixing colour made of card with two distinct multi function sides.
franchise-free image consultant training with Kim Bolsover

Revolutionary Franchise-Free Image Consultant Training with award winning course author Kim Bolsover

Winner: Most Inspirational Consultant Running An Image-Related Business - International Federation of Image Consultants (IFIC) / Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI) Spirit of Inspiration Awards

Free Image Consultant Training

free image consultant training
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    Free Image Consultant Training Guide
  •  Free Training : 14 mins
    Colour analysis for every skin tone
  •  Free Training : 88 mins
    Becoming an Image Consultant
  •  Sneak Peak : 20 mins
    Colour Analysis Training in a Box
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